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14453 Beach Blvd., Suite 100, Jacksonville, FL 32250
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4.9 / 5
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Posted On: 01/14/2021 Looking forward to my next dentist appointment is not a feeling I held for many years till I was lucky enough to begin receiving the kind and expert care of dr Azari and his team. Thank you again and again. Anne R Google Review
Posted On: 01/13/2021 Joshua A Google Review
Posted On: 12/19/2020 Henry D Google Review
Posted On: 12/11/2020 Dino T Google Review
Posted On: 12/10/2020 They do great always very helpful when I need stuff for my braces and all that Andrew K Google Review
Posted On: 12/04/2020 What a great practice! Both the nurses and dentist are kind and understanding to nervous children (and parents). My daughter first went at age 1.5 and really didn’t enjoy her visit. The staff was so kind and patient and worked with us to try and give her the best experience possible. Today we went back as she is 2 years old and although she was still super nervous (and shed a few tears) they offered stickers and toy treats and allowed me to hold her again for the cleaning and the fluoride. I do love this practice and highly recommend them!

A year later and we still feel the same way! From the time we arrived in the parking lot to the time we left it was probably 30 min! They were so prompt and efficient, we didn’t even sit in the waiting room, but we’re escorted right to the children’s chair for my daughters cleaning. We sure love Azari and Zahedi Dentistry.
Paula N Google Review
Posted On: 12/03/2020 My kids been coming here for years. This dental office is the best, staff is so friendly and caring we Love going here to get our dental work done, they are all awesome from the pediatric side to the adult side.. keep up the good work guys you guys rock.. Jeremie L Google Review
Posted On: 12/02/2020 I used to hate dentist appts but staff here is great. Now it is a great experience. Thanks Dr Azari Ciara D Google Review
Posted On: 12/02/2020 I have been coming for years. Warm and friendly staff. Best of the best. My whole family comes here. No one better! Jennifer M Google Review
Posted On: 12/02/2020 I had braces here for about 2 years and i have nothing but good things to say about my experiences. My teeth are perfect because of the time and commitment that Dr. Zahedi put into my appointments. She made sure i thought everything was perfect before finishing my treatment and explained all the details to me along the way. This place has a positive attitude and the people have always been so happy to see me. Bela S Google Review
Posted On: 12/01/2020 Katrina, Dr Azari and the rest of the team are incredible. I highly recommend them Fred W Google Review
Posted On: 12/01/2020 My nurse was super fun and made my experience great. I’m usually super nervous about going to the dentist but not anymore, I highly recommend coming here if you don’t have a dentist that you prefer. You will be treated well☺️ Cathryn P Google Review
Posted On: 12/01/2020 Wonderful and caring staff at Azari & Zahedi Dentistry. Easy going, yet professional staff that does not make you dread going to the dentist :). Big thank you to Crystal, Katrina, and naturally Dr. Azari. Thank u again :) Susannah A Google Review
Posted On: 11/19/2020 The staff is amazing and my visit was very pleasant. James A Google Review
Posted On: 11/13/2020 Highly recommended. Tommy F Google Review
Posted On: 11/06/2020 My whole family and I have been coming here for 10+ years and we love it! Doctors are very professional, and thorough. I highly recommend this office because of the cleanliness and they have the ability to care for all your dental needs - From pediatric to cosmetic from ages 0-100... Very accommodating staff as well! Shanna M Google Review
Posted On: 11/05/2020 Chad B Google Review
Posted On: 10/31/2020 Julia H Google Review
Posted On: 09/04/2020 I wish I could give this place 1000 stars ! My 4 year old was in desperate need of an extraction on his front tooth which he broke wrestling with his twin brother. I had been to many dentist and got the run around with all of them. I had them all try to squeeze my insurance for every penny they could get telling me the tooth couldn’t be removed without putting him to sleep and the tooth would crumble and need to be dug out. My pharmacist referred me to Azari and Zahedi dentistry and all our troubles ended within 12 hours. I called and left a voicemail at around 9:45pm when I learned about them. I had a call back 8:30 in the morning telling me too e could come in at 9:45 that same day. We got there to this immaculate facility with the friendliest front desk woman Ms.Cristina . I filled out a brief packet and we went straight to the back. The medical assistant was AMAZING ! My baby was smiling the entire time. He was never tense or nervous or crying. He was never rushed or snapped at by anyone. And Dr.Zahedi was a game changer . She was so great with her beside manner for my little guy ! She made it look so easy and it took her literally 10 minutes. The extraction was fine FLAWLESSLY with NO PAIN. And she even got the tooth out in one piece so my boy could give it to the tooth fairy. (Take that you other dentist who couldn’t do it) My son actually asked if we could stay there and has asked so many times when we could go back for another visit. I appreciate then making this experience such an awesome one. I’m they didn’t accept my sons insurance but the prices were not bad and I noticed on my receipt they had issued me a $45 credit after learning I was paying out of pocket . I will definitely be returning and telling EVERYONE I kno with kids about Azari and Zahedi dentistry! They are angels and I love, love, LOVE them. Alyssa V Google Review
Posted On: 08/06/2020 Fantastic service super friendly and amazing staff!! Alicia D Google Review
Posted On: 06/26/2020 Excellent front desk. Hygienist and dentist were both excellent and very complete. Laura H Google Review
Posted On: 06/26/2020 Great Dentist! Been going here for 2 years. Went in recently and they are going above and beyond for safety measures to prevent COVID exposure. Highly recommend! Denise M Google Review
Posted On: 06/19/2020 Process was easier than expected. Most adultsI saw in an out were wearing mask. Wished kids masks were also required to get in and out. Vegavr27 Google Review
Posted On: 06/12/2020 Dianna L Google Review
Posted On: 06/10/2020 Always on time in this office. Means a lot traveling from Georgia. All staff act like they are glad to see me and usually greet with a question about grand kids. This office is a pleasant experience and everyone wears a smile. Dr Azare would be hard to beat on his work and thoroughness. Reginald W Google Review
Posted On: 06/04/2020 Laura R Google Review
Posted On: 05/23/2020 Elisa C Google Review
Posted On: 05/20/2020 I was hunting for a dentist for long time finally my family recommended
Dr Azari, thank you very much for your kindness and the quality of work also thank you to a great professional staff that helps you all the way through. Dr. Azari, thank you for your generosity and taking such great care of me. My friends and family could not believe my new look, you did an incredible job with my new teeth. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks to you Dr. Azari & Zahedi Dentistryan and all the staff for the excellent care and kindness I have received over the years, I doubt I'll ever find a dentist that compares.
Faire K Google Review
Posted On: 03/17/2020 Jenna H Google Review
Posted On: 03/11/2020 Ron S Google Review