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Multiple expertise in one location

When choosing a local dentist or pediatric dentist, you want to make sure they are well experienced, have treated a variety of cases, have a strong belief in prevention and total wellness of patients, and are respected in the community.

Azari & Zahedi Dentistry is proud to feature a team of two competent specialists who have years of experience in the field. Dr. Zahedi, a board-certified pediatric dentist, is one of the first women pediatric dentists in the Jacksonville area who has served children of this community with joy and pride since 1995. Dr. Reza Azari is a seasoned prosthodontist with exceptional ability and skill who provides a variety of services to adult patients. You can view the sample of dental work they have provided to their patients, at our extensive Before & After Gallery that is unique in its kind.

Ideal Location accessible from Jacksonville Beaches and Jacksonville.
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Technology and Array of treatment options

Coming across a location that provides all the services you need, is the key part of choosing a good local dentist and pediatric dentist. For example, you may want a place that does the cleaning, sealant, and white filling treatments. At Azari & Zahedi Dentistry we offer those services and many more. From preventive care and comprehensive oral evaluation to Prosthodontic services and beyond. We also provide Invisalign and orthodontic services, which makes it easy to coordinate appointments for your child's dental and orthodontic care.

If you ever decide to establish yourself as an adult patient, it would be an excellent choice since we are two offices with a central appointment scheduling front for the efficiency and convenience of the whole family.

Our practice employs the most advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques available today including digital X -ray, digital scanner, laser technology and state of the art sterilization methods.

Azari & Zahedi Dentistry offers affordable denture repair with an on-site lab for fast dependable service

Besides finding a good doctor who delivers superb care and has an inviting office and staff, you should also take into consideration the location of the office.

Your family comes to and from appointments and these become more recurring if orthodontics is needed in the same location.

We realize the importance location plays in finding your local dentist and Pediatric dentist, that is why our office is ideally located in the heart of Beach Blvd near the iconic mayo clinic and several well-known neighborhood schools.

Best Pediatric Dentistry and Prosthodontic Services to Fit the entire Family

As a team, Dr. Azari and Dr. Zahedi are sensitive to the special concerns of each patient, whether it is a routine check-up, discomfort, dental fears, or aesthetic concern. Their talents lie in using the art and science of dentistry to grow, enhance, and restore healthy smiles!

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