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Azari & Zahedi's Dentistry

Relax and enjoy cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and denture services at our Jacksonville, Florida dental care office.

Our office is family positive and has two sections; Prosthodontics and adult and pediatric dentistry. Dr. Azari and Dr. Zahedi provide excellent care for families and strive to make you feel welcome and comfortable

Prosthodontics Office

Our Prosthodontic and cosmetic dentistry office offer a wide range of services for adults in an environment that was designed to reduce stress.

As a team, Dr. Azari and Dr. Zahedi are sensitive to the special concerns of each patient, whether it is a routine check-up, discomfort, dental fears, or an aesthetic concern. Their talents lie in using the art and science of dentistry to grow, enhance, and restore healthy smiles!

Pediatric Dentist

Rest assured knowing that we focus on children having a positive dental experience.

The office is jungle-themed with colorful walls and engaging decor that makes everyone feel welcome when they enter. Our waiting room is a fun place to 'hang out' for children while they wait for their appointment. Easy to use and accomodating x-ray machines are designed to assist children in having a pleasant dental visit.


We use a powerful autoclave to sterilize equipment and dental instruments. This helps to safeguard against germs and contamination.