Pediatric Treatment for Cavities and Lost Teeth
Pediatric Dentistry

Cosmetic Pediatric Dentistry

Early childhood caries is one of the most common childhood diseases. That means as much as you enjoy your child's precious smile, microorganisms are hard at work to lyse and dent it. Even with prevention and elimination of risk factors, the condition may continue, and treatment becomes necessary.

As a parent, you look for the best therapeutic option, especially in the esthetic zone. You want durability and cost-effectiveness of the therapy besides natural and beautiful-looking teeth. Here at Azari & Zahedi Dentistry, we offer specialized treatment to get that smile back!

Strip Crowns

Strip crown is a cosmetic alternative to placing crowns on primary incisors (top baby teeth) if enough tooth structure is left to support the filling. The success of the treatment depends on careful case selection and the expertise of your pediatric dentist. Dr. Zahedi can mix the art of aesthetics with skill and a love of smiles to give your child the best possible restoration. Depicted in our extensive Before and After Gallery, you can view some of those cases we treated.

The strip crown is a plastic tooth-like shell that we fill with white restorative material and fit over the damaged tooth. After light curing, we strip off the crown form (that's how it got its name), and a full-coverage bonded restoration reveals. This procedure is highly technique sensitive and, like any other material, can fracture if the child grinds or is subject to trauma.

Pediatric Partials

Replacing missing or damaged front teeth by pediatric partial is a service we offer our patients for comfort and convenience. Children are prone to lose teeth even early in life. Whether due to dental disease, a playground, or a bathtub accident, premature loss of teeth is an unavoidable part of childhood.

Some parents may be unsure how to approach replacing missing teeth at this stage, and knowing this option is available is comforting them.

The advantages of pediatric partial for children are:

  • Improving esthetic
  • Improving speech development and function
  • Improving parent and family satisfaction

The process usually needs two visits to complete, first for the mold and fabrication and the second for insertion. Pediatric partial is a fixed appliance, and children can't remove it unless they apply excessive force. We will monitor the area, and when it comes to the near eruption of permanent teeth, usually around age seven, we will remove it.

Maintaining good oral hygiene and periodic visits to Azari & Zahedi Dentistry help with the longevity and esthetic of the appliance.

Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia crowns are another excellent fit for restoring molar teeth on select candidates. We offer Zirconia crowns on the upper front teeth when there is insufficient tooth structure for bonding. The material is biocompatible and is the next generation in pediatric restorative technology. For this reason, besides superior durability and esthetic is safe to use on children.

We will discuss your child's specific assessment in more detail when you come for a consultation.

Silver Diamine Fluoride

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Silver diamine fluoride is a liquid substance used to help prevent tooth cavities from forming, growing, or spreading to other teeth. Silver diamine fluoride treatment also helps kill the bacteria that break down the tooth surfaces while keeping the bacteria from spreading to other teeth.