Should I Repair a Denture or Replace a Denture?


Denture repair. Picture of a broken denture.

Denture repair is affordable, so don't risk destroying your dentures while attempting a home repair. A broken or damaged denture should be repaired by a professional.

When should dentures be replaced?

Every case is unique, but commonly between four to eight years.

By replacing dentures as your mouth changes, you can maintain a youthful fullness in your face and preserve a younger-looking smile.

New dentures fit great, but mouth tissue shrinks over time. The ridges that support the dentures start to recede, and the dentures get loose. The upper denture goes backward, and the lower denture descends. Ill-fitting old dentures can cause a mouth rearrangement that will reduce the distance between your chin and nose, and it gets worse every year. Over time, cheeks can get baggy, and the mouth crumpled. Regardless of their condition, old dentures can spoil your look.

New dentures can reverse the appearance of premature aging. A better fit compensated for shrinkage in the tissue can move the teeth forward to a more desirable position, and that can take years off your appearance.

For denture repair or a better fit, see Dr. Azari 


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