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Early Orthodontics

The main goal of early treatment is to modify growth, to develop the upper jaw so the lower jaw can fit in it and to allow natural growth potential be reached. This includes elimination of harmful habits, like pacifier use and thumb sucking, Relieve of dental cross-bite and functional shift.   In case your child needs early intervention Dr. Zahedi will discuss that with you in a timely manner. By monitoring growth from early age she is able to assess the dental age of each child and make a reliable growth prediction. 


Note: Patients depicted in photos have provided their consent to display their pictures online. Results may vary.


                               Before                                                      After




 Procedure detail: Early Orthodontics was employed to treat thumb suckinghabit in this patient. Later on final bite correction was achieved through orthodontics




                Result from Orthodontics and laser gum therapy

                     Before                                                                                                          After





                          Before                                                                     After





                           Before                                                                      After





 Before                                                                                                      After





Before                                                          After 



                           Before                                                                                               After




                          Before                                                                                            After





                                        Before                                                                                            After





                                       Before                                                         After




                               Before                                                                                                 After





                                    Before                                                                                                  After





  Before                                                                                                     After





 Before                                                                   After 




 Before                                                                                                  After





Before                                                                                               After





Before                                                                   After




 Before                                                                                                 After




  Before                                                                                                      After





  Before                                                                                                        After




  Before                                                                                                            After







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