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 Early Orthodontics


Note: Patients depicted in photos have provided their consent to display their pictures online. Results may vary.


Before                                                                     After



 Procedure detail: This patient received early Orthodontic treatment for correction

of cross-bite. Now her jaw is not deviated and is more symmetrical.





Before                                                                    After



 Procedure detail: Early Orthodontics was employed to treat thumb sucking

habit in this patient. Later on final bite correction was achieved through orthodontics







 Before                                                                                                 After









Before                                                                                                          After









 Before                                                                     After








 Before                                                                      After









 Before                                                                                                      After









Before                                                          After 








    Before                                                                                               After








        Before                                                                                            After







   Before                                                                                            After








 Before                                                         After







    Before                                                                                                 After









Before                                                                                                  After







 Before                                                                                                     After







Before                                                                   After 







 Before                                                                                                  After






 Before                                                                                               After








Before                                                                   After








  Before                                                                                                 After









Before                                                                                                      After








Before                                                                                                        After








Before                                                                                                            After





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